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Pop'n'Olly - Creating a more accepting world for future generations

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Pop'n'Olly is an LGBT+ equality educational resource used by children, parents, carers and teachers. Our videos and books are used in primary schools across the UK, and beyond, to teach about equality, diversity and acceptance.

Created by Olly Pike, Pop'n'Olly 'usualises' different types of people, particularly those who may be LGBTQ+, and ultimately aims to combat homo-, bi- and transphobia before it can even begin to form.

Olly Pike

Director and CEU
(Chief Executive Unicorn)

Creator of Pop'n'Olly Ltd, Olly writes the stories, draws the pictures, animates the videos and even stars in them!

Olly has a background in performing arts and children's entertainment. This has provided a perfect foundation for his many years creating fun and informative inclusive content for children of all ages. 


Attitude Pride Award Winner - Olly Pike 2021


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