Celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month Through Books.

Every February, people all around the world come together to celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month. This is a time for us to reflect on our past and honour the generations of brave individuals who came before us, from activists to allies, who have made it possible for us to live openly and authentically today. Reading can be an important part of this engagement, allowing us to further understand our history and what it means for our present.

Why Read During LGBTQ+ History Month?

Reading is one of the best ways we can learn more about our history as a community. It allows us to engage with stories that may not have been told before and gives us insight into how we got here today. Reading offers an opportunity to learn more about key figures and events in the development of LGBTQ+ rights in the UK and around the globe. We are able to dive into topics such as political activism, medical advancements, social movements, and cultural changes over time. By reading, we can gain a better understanding of what it means to be a part of this community today.

 Stonewall image

Books That Tell Our Story

There are many books out there on LGBTQ+ history that offer readers an engaging look at different aspects of our past. From biographies about historical figures or activists to comprehensive surveys of laws or policies related to LGBTQ+ rights over time, there is something for everyone when it comes to learning more about our past during this month. Some examples include “PRIDE” by Matthew Todd; “Outrageous” by Paul Baker; “Trans Britain by Christine Burns; or “The Stonewall Reader” by Jason Baumann.

LGBTQ History Month is an important celebration for all members of this community - both those who know their own histories well and those who may be new to exploring them alike! Reading is one way we can engage with these stories and learn more about how far we have come over time - both as individuals and collectively - towards achieving equality for all members of our community worldwide! Let’s take some time this month to remember those who paved the way before us while also looking ahead towards a brighter future ahead!

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