What The Trans!?

What The Trans!?

by Ashleigh & Michelle O’Toole


What The Trans!? is a UK-based weekly podcast with news and interviews, made by and for transgender and non-binary people. We fact-check, raise voices from our community, and top it all off with a generous helping of snark.

Our show began as a response to the never-ending anti-trans nonsense erupting all over the United Kingdom. We started this with the goals of debunking media lies, reporting on the trans and non-binary community and making as many silly jokes as we possibly can.


We don’t aim our content at cisgender people. Don’t get us wrong, we love cisgender people (our parents are cis!) but we don’t target any of our content at them. We present the show assuming that the listener is gender variant in some way. We do not claim (nor would we want to) speak for the community, but we do want to talk TO them about things we think they should know about.