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Best Pride Book: Non-Binary Lives

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Best Pride Book: Non-Binary Lives

MEG-JOHN BARKER - Author of "Life Isn't Binary: On Being Both, Beyond, and In-Between"

I’m so stoked that a book collection that I co-edited with Jos Twist, Kat Gupta, and Ben Vincent has been chosen as The Independent‘s best buy for LGBTQ+ books to read for Pride month and beyond. Non-Binary Lives was such an important project for us all, and includes pieces by some of my favourite people talking about how being non-binary intersects with other aspects of their lives and being.

Joanna Whitehead, in her piece for The Independent article said:

This beautifully curated collection of essays is a welcome tonic in a cultural climate that seems hellbent on misunderstanding and misrepresenting those who do not fall into gender binaries. With a focus on intersections, this anthology specifically aims to examine the ways in which a person’s other identities – such as being a parent, having a faith, being black or having a disability – intersect with their non-binary identity.

Some writing on gender can often be inaccessible and academic, so it was a pleasure to read a collection of essays that were highly personal, thoughtful and immensely insightful. From “gender euphoria” to “radical softness”, working through each contribution felt like having an illuminating conversation with the most informed and thoughtful person you know.

This diverse group of individuals have done the work in picking apart the norms that prevail in many societies and discovered how prescriptive and stifling these can be. The overriding message is that non-binary people exist in multiple forms – that there is no “right way” to be non-binary – but there is plenty more to learn besides. Essential reading for anyone wishing to learn more about the wonderful diversity of humans. Furthermore, profits from the sale of this book will go to organisations supporting marginalised trans and non-binary folks.

Read the full article here.

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