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About Queer Lit

About Queer Lit

  • 07 August, 2020

Where did Queer Lit come from?

Like many of you, we enjoy a good book. Yet we were finding it hard to discover great Queer literature. With a lack of shops stocking it and websites bothering to dedicate areas towards it, we thought it was time for a change.

So, we’ve created a site that boasts an extensive range of LGBTQ+ books… but we didn’t want to stop there. We wanted somewhere that book lovers could create reviews, blogs and vlogs about all the interesting things they are reading or discovering.

So how does that work?

We’re dedicating an area of the site to anyone who wants to create great content. And the best part is, we will even give you some tools to help you do this. That might be some pre published books, arrange interviews with authors and even help you out with some software if you’re making vlogs or video interviews.

Don’t worry, we don’t want to dictate what you’re making. We want your content to be as raw and real as possible… So, you just do what you do! All we ask is any content is created with INTEGRITY & RESPECT to those in and outside of our community.

If you want to get involved with making content drop us a message: Click Here



Who's Behind Queer Lit?

There are several people working in the background to bring Queer Lit to life but the main driving force behind it is our MD, Matthew.

With over 15 years of retail management and operations with some very big brands, he’s got the experience, passion and vision to make Queer Lit something really special.

Is the site complete?

Will it ever be...? The site continues to have more books uploaded every day. Not only that, the community side will hopefully grow and develop as readers engage with us.

If you know of an LGBTQ+ book or author we’re not stocking and think we should be, let us know: Click Here

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