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Olly Wellcomes Trust Fund Kenny Books

by Guest Blogger
Olly Wellcomes Trust Fund Kenny Books

Olly Pike - Author of "Prince Henry" & "The Prince and the Frog"

Wellcome Trust has generously supported our #KennyLives campaign, a campaign which aims to send a copy of our latest LGBT+ inclusive book to every UK primary school. Olly visited staff at the charity earlier this year to share with them his work, his goal and of course the animated version of the story.

The Wellcome Trust kindly funded the distribution of 30 Kenny Lives With Erica and Martina books to UK schools.

Olly is thrilled companies and charities such as The Wellcome Trust are supporting his campaign. With a new SRE (Sex & Relationship) government guidance in place from September 2020, Olly hopes every primary school will make sure their relationship lessons are inclusive of LGBT+ couples.

Kenny Lives with Erica and Martina is Olly's sixth book and aims to teach children about diversity, equality and acceptance.


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