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You Should See Me in a Crown

by Guest Blogger
You Should See Me in a Crown
by @BookishBlue_

Book Review

Sometimes you stumble across a book that is so wonderful and beautiful that you simply have to sit a while after reading it. This is what happened to me after I finished reading You Should See Me In A Crown. This book was an absolutely heart-warming, cute, lovely story that I simply could not get enough of – and I am not going to lie, I was entirely devastated when the book ended as I could no longer stay in the world with these brilliant and vibrant characters.

In You Should See Me In a Crown, Liz has a dream to go to college but unfortunately her application for a scholarship falls through. She knows her family cannot afford to send her to the college of her dreams and thus, she realises, the only way to get there is to run for Prom Queen as the winner receives a sponsorship. But winning isn’t as easy as it should be as it is a popularity contest and Liz isn’t exactly popular. But she has her friends on her side and she’s going to do what she can to win the race … even if it means hiding a part of herself in the process.

Honestly, I can not get enough of this book. It has so many layers, and really deals with everything so sensitively and well. The blossoming romance between Liz and Mack is heart-pumping goodness. It’s sweet and subtle and you just want to cheer for them every step of the way. The book also talks about friendships and how they can get away from us sometimes. It looks at chronic illness and familial love as well. It might seem like all of this in one book would be too much but it really, really isn’t. Leah Johnson has done a fantastic job of bringing this all together.

I adored Liz. I wanted so much for her life to give her everything she deserved. But I also loved how much everyone else loved her and she didn’t quite understand why. I loved how you got to see what she couldn’t whilst also reading the book from her perspective. I also really loved Mack. I thought she was a fantastic character and I thought the chemistry between the two characters was just so wonderful to read.

You Should See Me In a Crown is an emotional rollarcoaster of a read. You will be swooning one moment and balling your eyes out the next. But it moves so swiftly between the emotions that you barely notice. It is strong, powerful and intense. It is a book that I highly recommend and one that I definitely think I may end up re-reading at some point. If you’re looking for a heart-warming, all-round fantastic novel, then this is a book you should think about picking up!


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Blue x

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