Juno Roche

Juno Roche

Juno Roche is a writer and campaigner whose work around gender, sexuality and trans lives has been funded by the likes of The Paul Hamlyn Foundation and described as 'provocative, cutting edge and innovative'. She studied Fine Art and Philosophy at Brighton and English Literature at Sussex, and writes for a wide range of publications including Bitch Magazine, Dazed, Vice, Broadly, Cosmopolitan, The i, i-D, The Independent, The Tate Magazine and Refinery29. She was born a boy in Peckham and is now a woman living in the mountains of Andalusia. 

Juno's first book, Queer Sex, was published in 2018. Her second book, Trans Power, will be published in October 2019.

Queer Sex is simply phenomenal. (Bitch Media)

Queer Sex is an audacious and inspiring challenge to a system that shames trans bodies and desires. Roche's words are a gift to anyone looking to open their minds and fall in love with the possibilities of love. (CN Lester, academic, musician and author of Trans Like Me)

I salute this deeply personal, honest and instructive book. (Caryn Franklin MBE, fashion and identity commentator and professor of diversity, Kingston School of Art.)


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