Lucy Powrie

Lucy Powrie

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Hi! I'm Lucy Powrie, author of The Paper & Hearts Society, a series of books for teenagers. I live in the South West of England, and have three dogs and lots of guinea pigs.

I began writing The Paper & Hearts Society when I was sixteen, right in the middle of my GCSE exams (which I wouldn't exactly recomend!). I wanted to write a book that would make me feel less alone and give me a reason to shout about the things I loved most: books, friendship, mental health, and even more books.

When I'm not writing, you can mostly find me reading, eating Oreo chocolate, or making videos for my YouTube channel, lucythereader.

For 2018 and 2019, I'm the Brontë Society's Young Ambassador, helping to spread the word to young people about how amazing the Brontë sisters were. I'm also hard at work on the next book in the Paper & Hearts Society series!

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